At his first audition in his early teens, Slowblow forewent the ‘Alright Nows’ and ‘Born To Be Wilds’ being trotted out by the other hopefuls, and laid down a statement of intent with Elmore James’ ‘It Hurts Me Too’. Suffice to say – he got the gig!

Many explosive shows have since passed, taking this road dog from transvestite bars in Bangkok, to underground bunkers in Beirut. And all points in between……

Vocally he only has one influence, the late, great Lonesome Dave Peverett. Harp-wise it is the equally late and equally great Lester Butler.

His core belief is that anyone who aspires to being (something approaching) a decent band front man needs vocal ability and showmanship in equal measures, and preferably in spade loads.

His mantra is, was, and always will be, “One gig is worth ten rehearsals".


If you want a rocking bluesman through and through - Adrian is the blues man for you!!

Influenced by guitar players such as Wilko Johnson, Ritchie Blackmore and Gary Moore, Adrian mixes it up and stamps his own brand on it, creating a blistering fret burning blues style that’s his own.

Adrian has been playing rock and blues guitar since he was a teenager which has seen him cutting his blues guitar teeth in a multitude of bands. His easy style captivates everyone who sees him play and underpins the blues vibe of the Sheiks.

When away from the roar of the amps he teaches those skills to his ever attentive students thus paving the way for the next generation of blues guitar slingers!

Influential in songwriting for the Sheiks, his solo’s leave the audience spell bound and wanting more and more!


Who’s the mean and moody hombre sitting behind a blood red kit? That’ll be John - a man with cojones that would put King Kong to shame!

He is a self-confessed lover of jazz influenced drummers such as Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham and Stuart Copeland. It doesn’t stop there though, he’s also very much influenced by good old rockers including Brian Downey and Cozy Powell.

John is a thinking man’s drummer, and he is the most likely Sheik to offer critical comment during the song writing process, or in the development of new covers. In short, he is the bands’ quality control manager!

In between gigging with the Sheiks, he has also travelled to perform at music festivals in England, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, and the Ukraine where, with the Crawley Millenium Band, he performed to his largest audience to date of 27,000 people at a Festival in Ternopil.


Whenever you’re looking for an ice-cool groover to bring the low end to the party, look no further!

Using chops gained from playing in a multitude of function bands, along with being an ever constant on the Southern jam circuit, Andy is equally at home laying down a hard boogie rhythm, or a sweet soul groove.

Andy’s fluid laid back style underpins the whole Sheiks sound and his contribution to writing original material is invaluable. Whenever Andy isn’t rocking out with The Sheiks, he is also a session standard ‘bass for hire’ and music tutor.